'Todd Martin Youth Leadership'
TMYL Special Events

Special Events offer young people a chance to experience the world around them and to share with those in their neighborhoods the joy of playing tennis on a fun filled day. Special events offer young people the chance to dream dreams and challenging them to set goals to stretch their minds and see real possibilities not previously envisioned.

During our First Serve After School Program challenges are offered to our students to show us how they can excel. Students compete for the opportunity to see special tennis events, visit other towns in and out of the state and find out what universities offer both academically and in terms of life experiences.

Our younger students have competed for an opportunity to see local theatre productions, go to a special event on the campus of MSU, go to other sporting events and even to go out to eat at a restaurant where they practiced good etiquette while having fun with their friends.

Our high school students have competed to go to Indianapolis and Chicago to see a Power Shares Tournament featuring players such as former number ones John McEnroe, Jim Courier, James Blake, Mark Philoppoussis, and Andy Roddick to name a few. The chance to stay overnight in a hotel and eat out at a restaurant provided an opportunity to know how to conduct oneself in public as well as see other parts of the world they had not known. When these trips were made the group visited a university to learn more about what was possible for them following high school. Both Butler University and Northwestern University (Todd's Alma Mater) were eye opening experiences.

The opportunity to learn more about the world around you and experience it first hand leaves such a great impression on a young person. This allows them to set goals and see that they can reach them in a way that no amount of television or books can equal.

For all of our neighborhoods TMYL brings tennis to anyone who has a desire to experience the sport of a life time. Through lunch time tennis, students in our elementary schools have the opportunity to play tennis during their lunch hour (weather permitting) with little instruction and explore the sport to see if it is one they wish to pursue. It also gives them a healthy active activity during their lunch hour. TMYL also offers Play Days - one day events at a local park or community center where participants play games on the court, learn basic tennis skills, and if already playing have a fun day of match play. Prizes are big as are the snacks that are offered to everyone. TMYL tennis staff has just as much fun as the participants introducing new players - even adults - to this wonderful sport. Come join us at our next Play Day event!